collides with Earth. Thor, Supreme Commander of the Asgard fleet does the best to help Vallah adjust to life on the new planet and a new identity. A new world and new culture show Vallah that there are more possibilities in love than she ever thought possible.
    When women start disappearing, Vallah assists Thor and the other Asgard in tracking them down. The Asgard and their allies go on a dangerous search and rescue mission that brings Vallah closer to those she around her.

Book Description:

​     With fewer fertile women being born each year thanks to what was supposed to be a miracle vaccine from an alien race known as the Centurions, women have become property of the men that claim them. When Vallah’s test results showed that she was fertile, her mother did what any mother would do and spirited Vallah away to the women of the Amazon for protection.
    For ten years Vallah trains with the Amazon warriors, until it is time for her to return to save her sister, Faith. Before she can complete her mission, she is taken aboard an alien ship.
    The Asgard rescue as many humans as they can before their home world, Nibiru,  



Author Anita Cox